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Inside our shop you will find plant-based foods which are best for humans’ health and environment. All our foods items are created with seasonal produce of the nature so you will find our cuisine very fresh and it is very delicious and healthy. Sugar Sisters are providing best services to Wellington since 2014, we are able to entertain Corporate events, occasional events, wedding catering in wellington and birthday cake by providing delicious good and cakes. Our support team is always ready to welcome you in a very good manner.


No matter about your any kind of plan like morning tea, afternoon tea catering or lunch we will provide you tasty and fresh food more than your expectations and all our items are suitable for everyone regarding their health.

In a day three deliveries are made to Wellington, Porirua & Hutt Valley and if you want some customized packages for your upcoming corporate event or conference so contact us today to ready your problem resolved.


Inside our online store home style baking procedures are followed. You don’t have to wait too much for our delicious good as we are offering pies, cookies and cake to satisfy your taste needs. Many peoples are likely to eat savory palate for those Sugar Sisters are offering bread, pasties and pies which can be picked up or we can delivery at your doorstep.

Many peoples don’t have enough time to visit us so Sugar Sisters is also offering door step delivery services and it is ensuring that all items will be delivered with best packing which will not reduce the taste of the item at all. So, call us or visit our website for online delivery.


Sugar Sisters can convert your imaginative and dream catering into reality. No matter how small budget you have for your event we can provide you best catering services which will not cross your budget limit. For your event like Anniversary, Wedding Catering and Birthday we have two different types of services i.e. is only drop off delivery and fully serviced event by our staff members. After contacting us you will find yourself very relaxed as now your event is ours.

Since 2014 we have entertained many corporate clients, commercial clients and residential clients all our customers are satisfied with our unbeatable catering services, wedding catering and much more. Also, it is very noticeable thing that you have set our prices to very reasonable so a person having very small budget can easily celebrate the event with best style, Check here our more discounted offers https://www.sugarsistersnz.com/

Most Funny Comedian- Nick Cody

We all love comedy whether it is on TV or in a theatre. It makes us feel refreshed and we feel energetic. It not only lightens up our mood but also we feel a lot better when we get to laugh and smile with other people. The best comedian in this case is Nick Cody. This professional comedian will not only make you laugh but also you will feel a lot more relaxed and happy after attending his comedy show. Not only that his performance is outstanding but always wins a room full of applause. Mostly people who re sad or have life worries go to comedy theatres to relax themselves. It is a great way to divert one’s attention from bad stuff towards good stuff. This amazing comedian has won many hearts and is no doubt one of the best.

 Makes everyone smile and laugh

When it comes to comedy shows one must always buy tickets of famous comedian show because it is worth it. Not only that he is a funny comedian but also he will make everyone laugh a lot. This not only helps lower one’s life problems but also it is a good way to spend time with family and friends after a long day of work. This amazing comedian has received international recognition because of how amazingly talented he is. People love all of his performances because they are so worth watching. He has done shows in many countries all across the world and he has fans in every part of the globe. Therefore, it is always a good choice whenever it comes spending time with the loved ones. This amazing comedian is not only recognized worldwide but also people love listening to his amazing jokes because they are so good and authentic. He doesn’t copy his scripts from anyone else and that is one of the main reasons why people prefer attending his relaxing and refreshing shows. Learn more regarding stand up comedians.

 Always conveys a good message

Another reason why people love listening to this amazing comedian is that he always has a very important message to convey through this comedy. Not only that his comedy shows are funny and interesting to watch but also they have a very strong message in them. This not only helps focus people’s attention on serious issues of the society but also makes them feel refreshed and relaxed. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to attend his live shows and if you can’t go to live shows at least watch them on the TV. Not only that you will feel truly relaxed but also you will feel truly happy after watching his funny shows. He is surely the best comedian ever.

Best Wedding Band In Australia.

Being a human everybody wants to make their wedding days as best as possible in their life similarly nowadays when we talk about the wedding ceremony successful and adorable which is one of the hurdles or difficult task for every people because similarly when we talk about wedding arrangements, decoration, music band services and other things in which mostly peoples are confused like how to make their wedding ceremony as best as possible? Or how to arrange the best photographer? Or how to arrange the best meal arrangement? and other things which carrying matter but when we talk about music band hiring or arrangement which carrying important part in wedding ceremony  as compare to other activity or services in wedding ceremony similarly some of the people are worried about in wedding services like where can we arrange all that things timely like meal arrangement, decoration, venue, photography but the music band is one the important part in every wedding ceremony and people wishes to hire the world-class musician band similarly if they hire some third class band services to provide in their wedding so their some gap found in wedding which can only fulfil by smart and professional band services providers because just to make wedding environment more romantic and beautiful that’s why it plays the main role in whole wedding event. 

Do you want to make your wedding more memorable and adorable? Want to enjoy this day? Or wishes to make this day more comfortable and feel fresh for your guest? so must hire professional band services or professional musician services which are responsible to make your event’s environment more romantic, beautiful, more interested and lastly more classy event ever, this all things can be possible just to hire best band services in their wedding similarly when we talk about musician band which is like a group of peoples in which every people have their own expertise and professional expertise like how to make their wedding more memorable and other band expertise from which companies and make a proper and professional band or musical band services from which they have a talent for people who know very well like how to make their wedding or their ceremony more memorable and adorable similarly these people knows very well like how to run or play musical instrument in parties or according to the party themes as well and make environment more romantic so that is the reason the band services is an important part for every wedding so it is compulsory to hire best and professional wedding band service for their wedding and make them more adorable and memorable day of your life. 

Nowadays, finding the best band services in Australia is just like finding beggar in Qatar because there are so many companies which are providing band service s but mostly companies are newly generated company having no past music band services experience so for this reason it is highly recommended for every people to must hire www.thegraduatesmusic.com.au which is one of the best services providers in Australia and providing best and reliable services for their customer similarly if you want wedding band services or wedding music bands in Sydney services so it is recommended to hire this company and make their wedding more successful and make memorable day in your life. wedding-music-band