How To Take Care Of Glass Shower Screens

Getting shower screens for the bathrooms is no longer adding to the accessory. It has become a necessary thing to give the bathroom a unique and enchanting look. These showers are handy, but still, they need proper maintenance to stay longer than you expect.  These bath screens in perth are subject to continuous exposer to water and soap that ultimately cause an unimpressive look to the shower and the entire bathroom. It is important to remember that the glass is porous. If the hard water mixed with soap stays longer on the mirror, it can deteriorate the appearance due to corrosion. The constant humidity can result in mildew and mould growth as well.

To address all these problems, here are some easy to follow directions that can let you enjoy the glass screens for a long time.

Coating the glass

 If you are getting the shower glass, you must make sure that it comes with a coating. The coating is meant to keep away the hard water and soap. Most of the door makers and the sellers make sure to add the layer on the screen so that it stays clean, clear and away from unnecessary exposure to all the water, soap scum and mildew. It is tough to clean the glass doors when they do not have the coating. In the case of layer, you can remove the coating and add a new one, making the glass unique as it was at the time of installation.

Get a squeegee

The Squeegee comes along with the door. It is additional protection along with the protective coating.  If you have a layer, but it is not possible to prevent the unnecessary build up, then it is the squeeze that would help. It is recommended to use the Squeegee daily to keep the glass clean. In this case, the task does not seem tedious. All it requires is being regular, and then the things would right.  It is highly recommended to use it every time after the shower.

A mix of water and vinegar

Suppose you want an inexpensive yet effective alternative to clean the shower in screens. In that case, you can choose a mixture of vinegar and water.  One part of white vinegar and three parts of water can be transformed into an effective cleaning mixture. It is an excellent choice against all kinds of stains and marks, especially those caused by soap scum. Spray the screens’ solution and then wipe it off with a paper towel or the lint-free towel. You can also choose a newspaper for cleaning.

Cleaning in a professional way

Suppose you want to clean professionally, then instead of the water and vinegar mixture. In that case, you can also use the commercial cleaners available in the stores. These high-performance glass cleaners are made of ingredients that are not harmful.  The process is not hard to handle. Clean the glass thoroughly, and then spray the surface with the cleaner. Use a soft, non-abrasive fabric to clean the surface thoroughly.

Ensure proper ventilation

After the shower, keep the door open for some time. This would let the vapours escape from the bathroom, keeping the bath screens clean and tidy. If the mists keep accumulating in the bathroom, they can ultimately result in mildew and foul smell. Ensure that there is a proper vent in the shower that keeps away all the mist and moisture to keep the screens in the right shape.