A Quick Guide To Automatic Gates

Nowadays, home security systems have become more feasible in terms of affordability and compatibility. Whether you have a small apartment or a big mansion, you can find a wide range of security systems that can ensure complete safety of your family.  Automatic gates are one of the primary safety arrangements that act as a strong security measure for protecting one’s home and premises from all sorts of risk. Nevertheless, there are other safety equipments like automatic door locks and anti-theft alarms that are quite useful. But if you have a strong security gate, you need not invest in other forms of high-end security systems. Read on for more details on advanced security gates.

Automatic swing gates

Electric swing gates are quite popular and are extensively in demand. These gates can be easily operated and are extremely safe. They require less maintenance and are quite durable compared to other complex designs. For industrial use, two-panel swing gates are mostly installed. Two panels are generally used when the size of the gate is fairly big. There are various types of automatic settings available for controlling modern electric gates. Reputed electrical services also provide customized security setups for making the gates more adaptable to the specific needs of their clients. Swing electric gates come with automatic locking systems that generally work on different access technologies like proximity detectors, radio remote controls, or magnetic card readers.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates are quite attractive and they are installed at places where swing gates may seem uncomfortable. The best feature of a sliding gate is that it can fit into small spaces. Electric sliding gates have a growing demand in the domestic sector. Most of the houses have limited driveway area and this makes the installation of swing gates quite difficult. Even in garages and small industrial units, automatic sliding gates are quite suitable.  Yet another advantage of sliding gates is that they can be installed in places with a sloppy ground level. On the other hand, a swing gate can work only on an even ground surface. Electric sliding gates are comparatively costlier than motorized swing gates. However, depending on the size and automation systems installed, you can also find some low-budget categories.

Installation and maintenance

Different types of automatic gates are available in the market and they can be customized in several ways to enhance their utility. The cost of installation and maintenance depends on the extent of automation required. Proper installation of electric gates is quite important because any kind of discrepancy can lead to malfunctioning and accidents in the long run. So when you are planning to get an electric gate, you need to hire a professionally qualified  electrician Maroochydore who is experienced in installing different types of security gates.