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Most people are totally uninformed that they as of now have termites; as a matter of fact, some of you investigating this may likewise have them legitimate at this point! Regularly, individuals exclusively name us when they find something self-evident. The issue with this is, in the event that you see something self-evident, probabilities are that there have been some tremendous pest inspections currently that can cost you many bucks in fixes, and that is assuming you find them inside a reasonable time period.


We at GPC can gladly and unhesitatingly say that we wait patiently, utilizing our work and the top notch of supplier that you merit! You will take note of the differentiation with our termite inspections business venture from the subsequent you name us, to the subsequent we enter your home grown or business undertaking lastly, when we disappear you with the liberating sensation and pride in understanding that you have found an association that considerations.

What kind of inspections we do?

  1. Lumber bug assessment.
  2. Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection.
  3. Lumber and routinely happening nuisance review.

Why select Geelong Pest Control?

  1. Clear and customary discussion among you and our staff.
  2. All GPC labour force are both totally affirmed with Cert III and IV in Pest and termite inspections Management or are going to training (Highly taught and confirmed).
  3. Completely Licensed and Insured
  4. Privately claimed and worked ensuring faster pest inspections occurrences and making you as the shopper experience additional like a person as an option than just a number.
  5. Our group of labourers will appreciate you, domestic one as though it have been our own.
  6. All of our work accompanies an immense Warranty.
  7. Fully informed regarding the in vogue product and innovation, the undertaking brings to the table.
  8. Teaching people on ways to deal with avoid future issues.

Geelong Pest Control utilize the cutting edge mechanical ability helpful in the nuisance control endeavours today. Termites have an uncanny potential to find a course to your home-grown that may furthermore be exceptionally difficult to distinguish, for even the most talented pest inspections team. To counter this, we have a machine that can filter the spot our eyes can’t. This machine is recognized as TERMATRAC. The Tamarac shows up for dampness, development, and temperature change. It can possibly seem through skirtings, trees casings, tiling and bounty more, therefore further developing our review abilities emphatically. Our method is to start low and move gradually up as termites do.

Termites are perceived as ‘underground’ which implies they visit underground, so we need to bare that in thinking while examining. This kind of termite inspections expertise that subfloors and flooring are a high area for our examination to start. So, before it gets worse or become dangerous for you and your family, call our best service providers and enjoy the amazing pest control and inspections services.